City of Kislovodsk is located on the northern slopes of the Caucasi mountains, and is a small town famous for its mineral waters and a wonderful surrounding countryside. To entertain tourists who have been attracted to this quiet town since the 19th century, a dancing fountain was built in the center of Kurortny Bulvar, immediately renamed “the singing fountain”. 
The fountain has a circular shape and is arranged on two connected levels. During the day it appears in its static form, with a central jet “Abete” and a crown of jets converging towards the inside 2 meters high. In the evening, however, the show comes alive with colors and music. RGB lights and dynamic jets entertain visitors on the notes of famous international songs.
  • Year of Execution: 2016
  • Location: Kislovodsk (Russia)
  • Customer:Alpina Fontane
  • Description: Our work consiste in the project and realizations of all the Electric and Electronic Panels. We implement also the Software Logic in The PLC and the programming games features. The Fountain has an absorption of over 130KWp. in the detail we supply and materials and services as we report:
    – Electrical project and Panels realizations.
    – Movement, and driver supply and programming.
    – Fountain SCADA Software for supervision and  alarm alert (By Email and SMS).
    – Remote Control and Assistance System.
    – Project Managment project and Panels realizations win CE Marks.
    – Installation and Commissioning on Site.